Canadian School from Gatehouse
Canadian School from Gatehouse


CS School Picture
CS School Picture


Clock Tower, Harmony Hall and W.C.U.U. Campus
Clock Tower, Harmony Hall and W.C.U.U. Campus



LCW-178 LCW-207 LCW-355Tea time on the lawn.Tea time on the lawn

LCW-118 LCW-120 LCW-101 LCW-181

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  1. I graduated from West China University of Medical Science in 1993, I love my mather university very much .And very appreciate the founders of the University from the north
    America.We are all very respect you and never forget your contribution to Chinese

  2. Thank you for your kind words. It is very gratifying to know that the hard work done so many years ago by many people from Canada, the United States, Great Britain and other countries has borne fruit and produced so many well educated Chinese young men and women. That was the reason for building the university! Good luck in your medical career.

    1. Is there a way to post DVDs/CDs to this website? Such as the Chinese Feelings across the Pacific/Memories of the past/Old Photos of Chengdu from Canada? So that people could see?

      1. So sorry, too late for responding you. No, DVDs/CDs can not posted to this website, because of the limit of the disk quota, which was donated by one of my Canadian friends.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I graduated from a medical school in Chengdu, China (formerly West China Union University, founded by 5 missionary societies, mostly from U of T) and also a PhD graduate from U of Toronto, Canada, now a scientist working in a hospital in Fargo, ND USA. I am writing a few non-commercial articles about the history of my medical school in China and especially the great contributions from U of Toronto. Possibly, these articles may be published in China. I need to use a historic photos about WCUU campus in my articles from your web site ” Canadian school in China”. I would appreciate it very much if you could allow me to do it in my writings with your kind copy right permission.
    Thanks you very much. the color tower photo
    My article title: Quakers in East: Architectures in West China Union University
    Robert Luo

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