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Members of  The  Canadian School Association

Debbie Kirton debbie.kirton@mpac.ca Chair of the Association
Malcolm Reed malcolmreed@sympatico.ca Secretary
Paul Reed csucminister@nexicom.net Active Member
Patricia Brown patbrown3709@rogers.com Editor of Newsletter
Marion (Walmsley) Walker knwalker9@gmail.com Program Co-ordinator
David Walmsley dwalms0@gmail.com Treasurer
Patrick Shorter patrickshorter@yahoo.com Ex-Officio
Gail Walmsley gmwalmsley@gmail.com Active Member

 The Canadian School Song

5 thoughts on “About us

  1. Wonderful effort! My sisters and I will add our story of days at the CS! One wee glitch – “father” not “father” oops! This is so exciting – we are now on the map! Phyllis

    1. How should we post pictures and stories Phyllis…in this comment box or separately….such an excellent idea!!!

  2. Just a happy note to say how much my MishKid 1 Dad would be delighted with the website. In a moment he would be suggesting how the Site could be used to further China/Canada relations.

  3. To Whom It May Concern:

    I am very pleasantly surprised by this website. I became very interested in a couple David and Isabel Cook and found out that Isabel’s parents were from St. Mary Ontario and were missionary based in Chendu where Isabel was born. I guess she must have attended the CSWC. I would greatly appreciate if someone can kindly point to me how to find out more information about Isable’s parents work, and secondly I would be very interested in learning more about the Canadian School in Western China project. I would love to contribute to the project by making a stronger link with Chendu China if it is needed. I am living in Kincardine Ontario. thank you for your attention, my phone contact is 226-992-0513

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