Suzhen’s Message

Dear CS Kids and families, dear friends ,

It’s the CS reunion again today. Imagining the CS kids and families all
gathering together in that room, 1 feel very excited. 1 have been to 3 of the
reunions, but 1 can’t make it this time to Canada due to time constraint. The
Old Canadian Photo Project group and 1 all wish we were there in that hall. I’m
writing this letter on behalf of everyone and Marion Walker will read it for me.
Thank you all!

We put together a book, which was brought to the reunion by Marion to share
with you. Unlike the publications we compiled before, this book is about what
our Old Canadian Photo Project group has done over the years with all your
help. It’s a summary. In it you’ll see moments of you when you were in China,
and your thoughts of visiting here. We hope this book will bring you some
happy memories of your trip here.

Over the past few years, we have had ups and downs. But most important1y, we
have seen the most beautiful possibilities that the great minds can create. You
and your ancestors ‘ creation was what inspired us to do what we ‘ve done. This’
hidden history is now known by people today, and we thought, maybe we
should stop here and take a rest. But then we realized that over the years these
stories and historγhave become a part of our life, just like how this reunion has
been going on for almost 80 years. So naturally, all our volunteers will just
continuing working on the project, do what we can do.

It’s been 7 years since the start of the project in 2007. Since then, many
amazing things have happened. As we think about our direction going forward,
one of the issues we need to take care of is to register the group as a legal entity
and be protected by law. As a resu1t and agreed by most of the group members,
we registered the group under Peace to the World Beijing Galleries, which is
led by Mr. Zhang Biao, renowned calligraphist in China, our advisor and
long-time sponsor. We believe this will help our future work. We will also
change the group name into “Old Canadian Photo Project Team, Peace to the
world Beijing Galleries”, and with this new name, there’s more to achieve.

After the book “Chengdy, My Home” and the exhibition in Xinchang, we have already started discussing new plans. As always, we will seek your ‘consent before doing anything.

There was a long histOIγbehind, and 1 believe there is a long future ahead.

I wish you enjoy the reunion, and a safe drive home.



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  1. The book that Suzhen has compiled shares valuable information about the history of the Old Canadian Photo Project. The whole project, including the book that was shared at the 2014 CS Reunion, has been a labour of love over several years by many volunteers led by Suzhen and her amazing team. My thanks are extended to all of the volunteers who have assisted in this extensive project.

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