Marion (Allen) Reilly

After returning to Canada with my mother, Winnifred, and sister, Phyllis, we settled into family life in Montreal. Of course, Margaret and Gwyneth were already in Canada, Margaret at McGill and Gwyneth at Stanstead College. We all anxiously awaited the return of our father from Chungking, which finally occurred in February 1952.

We continued to live in Montreal until 1959, when Mom and Dad moved to Cardinal, ON, where Dad opened a general practice in medicine. I remained in Montreal to finish my Grade 11 (junior matriculation), then I joined them to complete my Senior Matriculation from Cardinal. The following year, I entered the Ottawa Civic Hospital School of Nursing to begin my nursing education, obtaining my Registered Nurses certificate in 1964.

In 1965, I met and married George Reilly. While in Ottawa, we had two children, Heather and James (Jim) and I continued to work intermittently at the Civic Hospital. We left Ottawa in 1968, while George pursued his PhD in Psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. In 1971, our youngest daughter, Allison was born. In 1974, George was hired by Cominco Ltd. in Trail, BC and so we left Eastern Canada, to remain in British Columbia until returning to our present home in Carleton Place, ON in 2004.

During the time we were in BC I spent most of my time working as a mother, and for several years nursed in two different Medical Doctors’ offices.

In 1994, along with many others, George and I travelled to China where we were able to visit the many cities where my family had lived during their 22 years there. Again, in 1996, I returned with my sisters to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Renji Hospital in Chungking.

George and I have five grandchildren, 2 boys, 3 girls. We are enjoying being closer to extended family now, and the freedom that retirement brings.


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