Joane Hayward

BC Registered Art Therapist/Counselor

Haida Gwaii, BC

Joanne Hayward

This is a recent photo taken in Sept. 08 in Hamilton, Ont. I was visiting my birth siblings – Bill and Pat Jen. As you know, the Haywards adopted me when I was 4 yrs. old. I reunited with my birth father Gong Poy ‘Jean’ and Pat and Bill ‘Jen’ in Hamilton in 1991. My brother thinks that my father’s surname was changed from ‘Jen’ to ‘Jean’ (perhaps to have him ‘fit in’ better to Canadian society) by immigration or Canadian government officials when he came to Canada in 1918. My father was 92 yrs. old when I met him and he passed away 4 years later.

I met my birth mother in 1997. She is of Welsh and English descent so when I met her I finally learned about my other ‘half’ ethnic- wise. She is now deceased. I have 7 birth siblings in total – both full and half siblings. To date, I have met 4 of them. They all live in Ontario.

Personal info: I graduated from Ryerson Polytechnical University in 1982 with a Bachelor of applied Arts and Social Work. I then came out west for the second time and ended up applying for a social work job on Haida Gwaii (also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands) and got the job. I have lived here ever since except from 1998-2004. In 1998, I moved to Vancouver to attend the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute and graduated in 2001. I did my thesis on developing an art therapy in home program for aboriginal foster children. I remained in Vancouver to work and accumulate the works hours needed to register as a BC Registered Art Therapist. I then returned to Haida Gwaii and renovated my basement so that I can do my counseling and art therapy from my home. I have 500 sq. ft. studio and work from here and do contracts outside of my home. I work with all ages of people with a variety of issues.

I have been with Germain – my partner for 23 years and met him on Haida Gwaii. He is a Quebecois from Montreal and moved to Haida Gwaii a few years before me. We do not have children but formerly fostered in the 1990’s. He retired a few years ago from working in the forest industry. We designed the house we presently live in and had it built in 1986.

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