Mary Jolliffe

Mary, (or Maisie, as she was fondly called) was born in Chengdu in 1923. She lived and was educated in China until she was 20, except for the years when her missionary parents were home on furlough.

In 1947, when the CS was to be re-opened after the war, Mary was appointed to be Matron of the Boarding School as well as teacher for grades 5-8. Do you remember when she sat against the supporting post of the basketball hoop reading “Wind in the Willows?”

Mary left China in 1949. She remembers the years from 1947-1949 “as a challenging and politically interesting time recalling fondly (if not individually) the students and boarders living in the school during my tenure.”

“Once I left teaching in 1952 to join the professional entertainment industry, my career changed radically, working with prominent arts institutions in many different cities in Canada and the U.S., with lengthy touring assignments across North America and in Great Britain and Europe.” Dora Stinson writes of Mary, “….back in Ontario, I was well aware of her work in getting the Stratford Theatre off the ground; also her publicity role with the Charlottetown Theatre and the beginning of the long running production of “Anne of Green Gables.” A detailed account of Mary’s work in the entertainment industry is written on pages 162-164 in the Canadian School in West China book, published to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the CS.

“Currently, I live at the Performing Arts Lodge in Toronto. An organization dedicated to housing those in the arts and entertainment industry who have contributed to the development of this country. I have been closely involved as a volunteer with its various Boards and in prompting PAL’s corporate concept across the country. I also act as a volunteer consultant and advisor to other arts projects in the community, as much as I can in my 85th year.” We wish Mary well and are glad to hear she is still very active.

Mary Jolliffe

Mary together with Christopher Plummer at Stratford

In the mid-1950s, when he was appearing in Henry V.



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