Bob Parker

My brother Don and I were students at CS for the school year 1948-49. In June 1949 we left China with our parents and settled in Ohio. I went to a small rural high school there and then after graduation went on to college in Indiana at Manchester College, a small church related college about 40 miles west of Fort Wayne. While there I met my future wife, Carolyn. We married after my graduation (she had graduated a year ahead of me) and we moved to Chicago where in the fall of 1957 I started medical school at Northwestern University Medical School. Our first daughter was born at the beginning of my senior year in med school. After graduating in 1961, I had my year of internship in Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas. In 1962 after finishing my internship, we volunteered to go to a hospital in Castaner, Puerto Rico for my alternative service to the military draft. While in Puerto Rico our other two daughters were born. In 1965 we returned to the U.S. to start a surgery residency in Galveston, Texas. In 1966 we moved to Baltimore, Maryland and entered a residency in International Health at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. For my field work during the residency we spent two years doing health care research in a village in North India. I then joined the faculty at Johns Hopkins and spent the next 16 years teaching at Hopkins, doing field research and consultations in a number of different countries including India, Nepal, Indonesia, China and several countries in Africa. My long term goal was to go back to work in China. The first opportunity came in 1981 when I spent 4 months in the School of Public Health in Shanghai. Then in 1985 I had the opportunity to join UNICEF in China, staying on to head up the Health and Nutrition Programs for 9 years. We lived in Beijing, but traveled about a quarter of our time getting into all the provinces including many visits to Sichuan. While in Chengdu we were able to visit the old Canadian School campus several times. In 1994 we moved back to the U.S. and settled in Hagerstown, Maryland, where I became the county health officer for the surrounding county as well as staying on the Hopkins faculty on an adjunct basis. I “retired” in 2000, but continued my teaching at Hopkins, did two consultations with WHO to China (our last time there) and became a part- time advisor to Save the Children, US, traveling to India twice and Bangladesh twice. We moved to a Quaker retirement community (Kendal) near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania in the fall of 2005, but I continued my part-time links to Save the Children and Hopkins. That brings us up to date!


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