Peggy and Dryden Phelps

The Phelpses were American Baptist missionaries (Northern Conference). They came to China in 1930 and lived on Baptist Row on the WCUU campus. Aunty Peggy and Uncle Dryden were favorite adults for lots of the mish kids on campus.

Peggy taught music at WCUU, and she also taught piano to numerous CS kids through the years. Her last student was Phyllis Allen in 1949-50, whom she trained and coached through a solo recital performance at the Phelps home. Dryden taught English literature at WCUU, specializing in Shakespeare. He generously opened his university Shakespeare class to senior students at the CS, including Marion Walmsley and Bill Willmott in 1947-8 and Phyllis Allen in 1949-50.

The Phelpses left China in 1951, retiring to Berkeley, California, where they built a beautiful home at the Big Sur, looking out over the Pacific Ocean and graced by the many beautiful Chinese gu-dongs (art objects) they had collected in Chengdu.


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