Rowena Jane Robb

Rowena (known as “Rona”) was born in Victoria, BC, in 1916, and grew up in West Paradise, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. She graduated from NS Normal College and obtained a BA in English literature from Dalhousie University. She was a dedicated teacher, in one-room schools in the Valley, and at many schools in Halifax. She married Ian Robb, and a daughter Joan was born in Canada. The family went with Ian to China in 1947 and Rona participated in language study in Chengdu; Michael was born during this time. In 1949 with the Communist Revolution in progress, Rona and the children travelled back to Canada with the Bacons. Leonard Bacon was instrumental in persuading the Canadian immigration authorities that baby Michael posed no threat to Canadian security, and should be allowed to enter Canada. Rona returned to Nova Scotia with Joan and Michael, and supported the family by teaching. From 1958-1981, Rona worked with Ian in Seoul, Korea, serving at the Seoul Foreign School as teacher, principal and academic advisor as well as sharing her love of drama with students in productions of Shakespeare, G&S, and other plays. She retired with Ian to Halifax, Nova Scotia where she remained active in Fort Massey United Church, the UCW, and the Girl Guide Movement. She died on September 10, 2002.

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