Margaret (Smith) Adelman

At the moment I’m preparing for a multi-destination journey of three months to the United States (friend, children and grandchildren), Vienna (opera), and Bali (painting and drawing). This itinerary is part of my annual schedule, which is regularly seven months in Costa Rica (with short family forays), two months on a Georgian Bay family island in July and August, then the rest of the time travelling, mostly in Asia, but now trying to include Europe as well. Just visiting four children (with spouses) and nine grandchildren, and sisters equally scattered keeps me ploughing the skies, but I have an extra necessity – my landscape drawing and painting and botanical garden art – that I have to travel for.

In Costa Rica, Paul and I live in a cloud forest/tourist hot spot – Monteverde, where he is both a luthier and oil painter and I try to combine writing with my art.

Keeping abreast of the changes in China is a daunting but exhilarating pastime – mostly by reading whatever I can get my hands on. If you are collecting a recommended reading list from the alumni, I would be interested in seeing it. My not-quite-3 year old granddaughter in Toronto is studying Mandarin now, and taking me back to sounds I may have last heard from my amah seventy years ago. Life’s surprises seem to be increasing daily.

My warmest wishes to all my classmates with regrets that I’m not there!

Margaret Smith


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