Ruth (Smith) Winslow

I am Ruth Smith, sister to Margaret and Paul. Harry and I will be returning to the US in early September to retire. We will live in Greenville, IL. I don’t think we will be able to make this reunion so send my regrets.

I did get back to Chengtu and the school was as we left it (sort of) now used for pubic health or epidemiology of Huaxi Ba (what they call the Medical School).

We have been serving in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China now for 45 years. My work as community health nurse has taken me to 8 provinces in China. Currently I am a leprosy ophthalmic nurse working with a Chinese team. It has been very meaningful. In the last few years I have worked in Social Economic Rehabilitation ( with a focus on leprosy rehabilitation. Harry and I have four sons and 13 grandkids.

I hope that Margaret and Paul will attend. I will be in touch with them and if by chance we can come we will. Margaret and I had some funny stories to share from our remembered days in Chengtu.

Thanks for keeping me informed.

My address is Hong Kong until the end of September. I don’t know what it will be then or my e/mail, but Margaret will know.

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