Peter, Eric and Murray Webster

the Webster

The three grey headed old men are, left to right, Eric with Donna, Peter with Nancy, and Murray (Maggy died). Grace is in the wheel chair. The young fry are Eric and Donna’s, Paul with Carm, Christie, and John with Meghane.

After a month and three typhoons on the Pacific, Dad was asked to fill in the following Sunday for a pastor that had a heart attack. He was a hit and served in Orillia for 9 years. When it was time for Murray to go to University, the family moved to Agincourt (Toronto suburb of Scarborough). Murray went to Waterloo but didn’t get on with his Profs and had a variety of jobs, mostly with computers over the years. Dad was appointed to the Mission Board and left Agincourt. John Stinson took over Knox United there. Eric earned a BSc at University of Toronto, took a summer course in teaching Physics, then taught at Jarvis Collegiate, and married Donna, a practical nurse and dental technician. Peter went straight from High School to PreMed then Medicine and married Nancy after second year when she got her first teaching job after a BA in English and a year of Teachers’ College.

Murray remained with Mum and Dad until he married Maggie. She had bad asthma and, after several extended periods in ICU’s, succumbed to that disease in 2005. Murray moved into a senior’s residence. Eric tired of teaching and sampled several enterprises before joining a group of computer whizzes who ran the payroll and other functions for a consortium of hospitals in Western Ontario. He then moved to the computing division of a major steel company for which he continues to do contract work following his retirement at 65. Donna and Eric had Christie, an engineer, Paul, a pilot, and John, an electronic technician. Christ and Paul, a developer in Calgary had Duncan and await a second. Paul and Carm, an insurance investigator, are expecting soon. John and Meghane, a high school history teacher, just welcomed Connor Thomas in September.

After internship, Peter and Nancy took their first born, Beth, on a three year term at a hospital in Congo/Zaire. They returned to Toronto to finish Internal Medicine and Respirology training. Miriam joined the family and all four took a year in Boston for Peter to do research at the Harvard School of Public Health after which they returned, added Nora and settled in. Peter has been at Sunnybrook Hospital in the University of Toronto since ‘77. Nancy returned to teaching when Nora finished grade six and retired in ’03. Beth got a PhD in engineering and married Jeff a photographer in Chicago and had Margaret and James. Miriam teaches high school mathematics and married Maged, an investment banker. Nora trained as a corporate legal assistant and works in the entertainment industry.

All rejoice in the Lord and look back with pride to the experiences, lived and heard, of Roy and Grace’s courage and dedication to the Lord’s work in China.

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